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ORBANU is a creative group dedicated to large scale projection mapping. Comprised of visual artists, musicians and performers we develop specialized media-art installations in the public sphere since 2010. 

We use architecture as our canvas and draw our concept, for a specific site and audience. As artists, we see this as an opportunity to create a unique visual adventure, to tell a story in front of a big crowd and to evoke drama and excitement.



34th Jerusalem Film Festival, 2017

Commissioned by the 34th International Jerusalem Film Festival, Cinemap is a huge video-art projection mapping, performed in the heart of the city during the festival weeks.

July, 2017

70 CM

Contact Point, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2014

70 cm - is the DNA cell of the entire museum. You will find it everywhere: It is the width of the stone columns, and the windows, the exhibit cabinets, the floor tiles and even the electric boxes.


32nd Acco Festival, 2011

Kubiot is a virtual theatre performance projected on the new hostel in the old city of Acco. The show took place during the 32nd Acco Theater Festival 2011, and was a great success.


MIS global conference in the Bahamas, 2018

One would think that illustrating the production line of a dental implant factory would be a boring task.. But when it comes to creating a projection for MIS, a company that thinks design in every detail of their process, it becomes a very exciting journey, a dramatic evolution of an idea from sketch into matter.



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