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70 CM

Contact Point, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem |  2014



Created by: Yoav David

Original music: Dotan Moshonov

with: Vova zak, Ruth Valensi, Lula Almog

Illustartions: Tal Klein

Set design: Yaacov Gal

Thanks: Veronique Inbar, Ifat Treigerman, Snir Kazir, John Ziv, Yair Moss, Efrat Pomerantz, Anat Eisenberg, Yehonathan Porat, Mamash Productions

Projection at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, as part of the “Contact Point” night at the museum, 2014.

70 cm - is the DNA cell of the entire museum. You will find it everywhere: It is the width of the stone columns, and the windows, the exhibit cabinets, the floor tiles and even the electric boxes.

The architect’s vision was to create a modular structure that would resemble a Mediterranean village. Divided but whole, the museum is built from seperate boxes. The wandering spectator in the museum also isn’t whole. His attention splits as he moves constantly, lingering on one piece and moving on to the next. His conscience breaks, as his mind ponders on all that he has seen.


This was the intention in this projection, the pieces make the whole, and the whole is scattered. For one white night, the library wall on top of the hill is a dynamic canvas of light.

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