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2010 | IN3 Festival, Basel

Concept: Yoav David, Efrat Einey

Animation: Yoav David

Design: Efrat Einey

Original Music: Ma’ayan Castel

The public sphere is filled with publicity, covering urban spaces. Posters stack up pasted one on top of the other. It's time to pull some layers down and find what lies within.

Created especially for the IN3 festival in Basel In Dec. 2010, as part of the workshop tutored by the renowned Urbanscreen team. I prepared a video in stop motion, composed of meticulously chosen images laser cut  to fit the building exactly. The video was a joined effort with graphic designer Efrat Einey who did a marvelous job. This was my first video-mapping projection and was like a dream come true.


Special thanks to Urbanscreen for giving me the opportunity to participate.

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