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2018 | Variety's FunRaiser Tel-Aviv



Event production: Gorilla Productions

Concept & Design: Yaron Steinberg & Yoav David

Animation: Yoav David

Photography: Snir Kazir

Special Thanks: Alon Mendelson, Ross Bilchinsky

We were invited by our friends in Gorilla Productions to take an artistic part in "Variety's FunRaiser", a giant poker tournament in Tel-Aviv, where all the prizes go to Variety's Charity for Children. Since Video-mapping and Poker are two of our greatest passions we gladly agreed.


For the event we created an object-specific projection onto a large library, inspired by Pete Mondrian, and Filipe Panton we created mostly moving colors. As a background projection it set the tone, but never stole the attention. Plus, we got to play!

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