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Jerusalem Theatre | 2013



Concept & Direction: Yoav David and Yehonathan Porat

Design: Tal Klein

Animation and effects: Yoav David

Dance: Tal Ben-Ari

Original Music: Dotan Moshonov

3d lights: Sagi Alter

Set design: Yaacov Gal

"Egresus" (in Latin, "exit" or "out") is a video-mapping performance created for the Jerusalem Theater. This site-specific dance piece is about breaking out to freedom, a process not always easy or immediate, in the same way the facade sculpture erupts from it's cement wall.

Bringing a dance piece, normally taking place inside the halls of the theater to the outside crowd was also one of our main intentions with this work.

Shot in the Henry-Crown Theatre, Created and Directed by Yoav David and Yehonathan Porat and with original music by Dotan Moshanov.


We were greatly inspired by the work PAGAN by Romain Tardy and Squeeky Lobster, in it's dramaturgical rhythm and aesthetics. Some of our animations were created using the "mapping-toolkit" for vvvv, created by Joanie Lamercier (all of those Anti-VJ). Great thanks to them.

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