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Nofit | 2012



Created by: Yoav David

Graphic Design: Eitam Tubul

Dance: Shi Pratt

Music from “Lost in Tokyo”

My home town celebrated it's 25 years and involved me in creating a video piece. This was a small but very exciting projection on a house in Nofit, and not just any house, this is also the home of one of my best childhood friends, a very talented dancer, Shi Pratt. Together we combined her beautiful dance with video-mapping animations creating this subtle video-dance projection-mapping.

Thanks to Ganit for organizing the event, to Yaacov Gal for the constructions, to Mamash productions for lending their studio, to the Pratt family for lending the house, to Shi for performing, to Eitam for the design and to Rimoninio ltd. for their projectors.


Also thanks to Telenoika for their workshop in Barcelona, and to Joanie Lamercier for his fantastic patch I used in this projection.

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